The Quench Quest

$99.97 a Month

The Quench Quest is a group-coaching program created by Life Coach, Christina Johnson to take you on a journey of motivation, inspiration, and healing!You will have an opportunity to spend an hour bi-weekly with Life Coach, Christina Johnson.She will guide you through healing your life from the inside out.What are you really thirsty/hungry for?Are you tired of comforting yourself with things that aren’t nourishing you?Healing is a process, and doesn’t happen overnight.Are you ready to do the work? If so, this is the program for you.The quest to figure out what we are really hungry for.

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“THE QUENCH QUEST” GROUP SESSIONS ARE HERE TO MOTIVATE, INSPIRE, and HEAL through practical regimens that with consistency and discipline will eventually set you free.  Change can only take place if you’re ready for change.  Christina wants a group of people that are willing to do the work.  Participants that are tired of being sick and tired and are ready to turn their lives around!  Are you one of those individuals?  Are you ready to figure out what thirst you’re trying to quench?  What are you trying to comfort with overeating, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, or continuing bad habits, spiritually, emotionally, and physically?  This is a safe atmosphere, and platform where you can be heard, you can speak your truth, and heal.  What are you REALLY hungry for?  Let’s find out!  If not now, when?  Growth isn’t easy!!  Let’s start peeling back the layers.

Blessings, Christina Johnson

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